Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Candidates for election in May 2018

There are about 90 candidates standing for 49 seats in the States of Jersey – a mixture of Senators, Deputies and Constables. Some will become the new council of ministers and run the island, others will join scrutiny panels and keep the ministers in check and others will be on the back benches working for their constituents.

Senators are elected by the whole island. The electorate is likely to be about 40,000 and if this election is like previous ones then about 40% of those will turn out to vote. Everyone registered to vote (aged 16+ and having lived in Jersey for at least two years) has eight votes for senator although they don’t have to use them all.

Deputies are elected by their own parish or district. Depending on where they are standing there is anything from one to four seats available in the district. Of the 29 deputies there were three elected without any competition.

Constables are a bit like mayors in that they are elected to not only represent their parish in the States but also to run that parish. There are 12 constables, one for each parish and they have the same voting rights as deputies and senators. Of the 12 constables 11 were elected without opposition.



St Mary is the only parish facing a constable election. All of the other 11 parishes had their constables elected unopposed. The candidates are Juliette Gallichan and John Le Bailly.

I haven’t included a list of Deputy candidates as there are about 70 of them for about 26 seats. You can see the full list on the Vote.JE website broken down by district or parish.

A full list of candidates are available on the States of Jersey run Vote.JE website with profiles on the Channel 103 and Bailiwick Express websites. You can also see a list of current sitting candidates on the States Assembly website.

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