Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Jersey General Election 2018

Jersey is holding its first General Election in the Spring on 16 May 2018, one week after the island’s annual Liberation Day. All previous elections have been held in the Autumn months.

During his Liberation Day speech, the Bailiff Sir William Baillhache used the occasion of the island celebrating the anniversary of its liberation from five years of Nazi occupation to encourage people to go out and vote.

He said: “For those of you who are not sure it is worth the effort because things are pretty good or because you think things will not change or because you simply do not feel you know enough about those who are standing, I say that all those reactions are understandable but a little negative.

“If you think things are good and should not change, go out and vote. If you things are not good and should change, go out and vote. If you do not know enough about those who are standing, there is plenty of information about – seek it out and go out and vote.

“That is part of our fundamental freedom, indeed guaranteed by the First Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights, an instrument which arose out of the very conflict which led to the Occupation and to Liberation Day itself.”

There are about 90 candidates for 49 seats and 14 of those seats have already been filled after three deputy candidates didn’t face any competition and 11 constable candidates were elected unopposed.

There are 17 candidates for eight island wide senatorial seats and a mix of between two and ten candidates for between one and four deputy seats depending on the parish or district.

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