Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

Jersey 2018 General Election Results

Jersey is split into dozens of separate elections. There are eight senators elected by the whole island, twelve constables elected by their parish and 29 deputies elected by either their district or parish depending on where they are standing.

There are about 90 candidates for those 49 seats with 17 standing for the office of senator, 13 for constable (11 were elected without opposition) and 71 candidates for 29 vacant deputy seats (3 of them elected unopposed).

We’ve broken the results pages down by parish rather than by district to make it easier to find your result – where the parish has multiple districts you just have to scroll down a bit.


Two districts with three deputy seats
One district with two deputy seats
One deputy seat
Three districts with ten deputy seats
One deputy seat
Two deputy seats
One deputy seat
One deputy seat
One deputy seat
Three districts with five deputy seats
One deputy seat

Follow the links above to find out how each parish voted in the senatorial elections. At the end of the night the final senatorial result will appear on this page. Each parish page also includes the deputy and constable result.

The next time Jersey goes to the polls will be to vote on whether to replace the Bailiff as speaker of the States Assembly with an elected member. There will be referendum proposed by outgoing senator Sir Philip Bailhache (brother of the current Bailiff and a former Bailiff himself).

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