Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Commonwealth election observers begin Jersey mission

A group of election observers will be in Jersey for the next week to monitor the islands electoral process. It’s the first time the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association has monitored a crown dependency election.

They will publish a report after the election on how well the island’s electoral process works and whether any changes are required to make it more impartial.

Some members of the mission arrived in Jersey to monitor the nomination meetings for Deputy, Senator and Constable in April.

The mission will be in Jersey until 18 May and will be guided b y the international election observers code of conduct.

A spokesperson said: “The mission we will be meeting with parish authorities, the election administration, judiciary, government, candidates and political parties, civil society, media representatives and other stakeholders.”

They will consider the legal framework, gender equality, minority issues, the role of the media, polling and counting procedures during the campaign process.

The first report will be published within two days of the election highlihgting key findings and a more detailed final report within two months with an overall assessment of the electoral process.

The Mission is composed of;

  • Head of Mission, Hon. Phillip Paulwell CD MP (Jamaica)
  • Deputy Head of Mission – Hon. Dr Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings MP (Ghana)
  • Short Term Observer – Jeremy Balfour MSP (Scotland)
  • Short Term Observer – Tenia Woolridge (Bermuda)
  • Senior Election Coordinator – Matthew Salik (CPA UK – United Kingdom)
  • Election Coordinator – Fleur Ten Hacken – (CPA UK – The Netherlands)
  • Election Analyst – Harald Jepsen (Denmark)
  • Election Analyst – Anne Grandvoinnet Serafini (France)

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