Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Just 1% of Jersey Fire and Rescue workforce are female

A freedom of information request has revealed that just 1% of the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service workforce is made up of women with fewer than five female leavers in the past five years.

In the past four years, fewer than 10 female candidates have applied for firefighter roles, but either have not passed written tests / fitness tests or have withdrawn.

A spokesperson said in response to the FOI request: “The standard of fitness test is designed by Bath University and is considered fair and reasonable for all.”

They said that several years ago, a specific “have a go” evening was held for women, however the attendance rate was nil.

Over the last four years, fewer than 10 women have applied for Retained Firefighter or Wholetime Firefighter positions.

The spokesperson said: “Literature and recruitment campaigns do not specify male or female and positively and pro-actively encourage applications from both.”

There are fewer than five women in supervisory roles and none in middle or senior management roles.

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