Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Pre-poll voting in Jersey closes on Monday

Pre-poll voting at St Paul’s Centre in St Helier closes at 14:00 on Monday afternoon, anyone wanting to vote after that would need to wait until Election Day on 16 May.

Polls for the Jersey General Election open across the island at 08:00 on Wednesday and close at 20:00 the same day.

Anyone turning up to vote will get between one and three ballot papers depending on where they live. The only people to get three papers will be those living in St Mary as it is the only parish electing a deputy, constable and senators.

Three parishes/districts (Grouville, St Brelade 1 and St Martin) have already elected their deputy as nobody stood against the only candidate.

On polling day the three ballot papers are green, white and blue. Green for deputy, blue for constable and white for senator.

This is what Vote.JE says about pre-poll voting – something established to increase Jersey’s historically low vote turnout: “When you visit the pre-poll voting station you need to take photographic identification with you such as a driving licence or a passport.

“You will be greeted by staff who will mark your name off on the electoral register and give you your ballot papers. You can then go to the voting booth to cast your vote by putting an ‘x’ beside the name of your preferred candidate(s).

“You will be asked to put your ballot papers in an envelope and the envelope will then be taken by staff to your parish for inclusion in the count on election day.”

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